Which Shed Felt Do I Buy?

Shed Felt – Which One To Buy? Article by Andrew Stodart of Ashbrook Roofing LTD

Your shed roof is looking tired and you have noticed one or two leaks or the UK weather has finally got the better of the felt and it is currently flapping in the wind. So, which shed felt do you buy to replace it?
Here is a recent Q&A session from one of our customers which should make your buying decision a little easier.

I have a traditional Garden Shed and the felt has come off due to recent stormy weather, which shed felt will make it watertight again?

If you have not replaced the felt before it is likely to be standard grade Green Mineral shed felt on the roof as this grade tends to be used by most shed manufacturers. We have standard grade shed felt available and this has a life expectancy of up to 5 years.

What if I want a felt that will last longer than 5 years?

shed feltAs well as the standard grade shed felt, we also sell a polyester reinforced felt and this can last up to 15 years. It is the same thickness as the standard felt but more tear-resistant which offers extra protection from the weather.

The next grade up from this would be our Heavy-Duty Polyester Reinforced Shed Felt. This felt is thicker than the others and even more tear-resistant. It has a similar life expectancy to the Polyester grade but is far more suitable for sheds that are in an exposed area where the wind is likely to cause potential problems.

A good way of increasing the life expectancy of any shed felt would be to install an underlay prior to the felt itself. This adds an extra layer of protection and is also commonly used to protect a roof that has a shallow pitch (below 20 degrees)

How many rolls will I need?

A standard 6×4’ garden shed will require a single 8x1m roll of shed felt. We have a handy size guide on all of our listings that should help you determine the number of rolls that you need.

What do I do with the old felt?

We always recommend that all of the old felt be removed from the roof and any nails or imperfections be removed prior to installation. As for the disposal of the felt, your local Household Waste depot (local council tip) should accept it in most cases.

Do I need to glue the new felt onto the roof?

All new felt should be nailed onto a boarded timber roof. If you were to use adhesive on the timber prior to laying the felt this would reduce the life expectancy of it. The reason behind this is that the heat of the sun during the summer months will cause the felt to expand and contract, and if the felt has fully adhered to the roof then this will result in cracks within it.

roofing felt adhesives

We do recommend using a bitumen-based felt adhesive when overlapping the felt and for the corners and other details as this will reduce the risk of the felt coming away from the roof in strong winds. A full installation guide can be found on the downloads tab in each shed felt listing on our website.

Won’t the nails cause holes in the felt and allow water to leak into the shed?

As all shed felt is bitumen based, the nail holes will seal after installation and prevent water from entering the shed. The use of too many nails will be counterproductive as this will increase the risk of water ingress.

Can I buy the adhesive and nails from you?

Yes, both of these products are available to buy on our website. We supply a FREE bag of nails with every roll of felt purchased.

Is Green Mineral the only colour available?

Some of the felt we have is available in Black Mineral and this option is becoming more popular. The Green Mineral is not a bold green but more of a grey-green in tone and this is the traditional colour of shed felt.

If I order from your website today, when should I expect delivery?

Our standard delivery is 2-3 working days and this is FREE to all of our customers. If you need a quicker delivery then we offer an express ‘next working day’ service for orders placed before 2 pm.

We hope that the information above has helped you choose the right felt for your project. If you need any further advice then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Super Shed Felt

Super Shed Felt / Polyester Reinforced Shed Felt
This shed felt is considered by many experts as the best value for money. Super shed felt will normally outlast both standard and heavy duty felt. With a life expectancy of 15 years, the major improvement comes from the use of polyester fibre as the core ingredient, rather than cloth fibre. This significantly increases both wear and tear resistance, as well as life expectancy.

Pricing of some polyester reinforced shed felt has come down in recent years. In addition to it lasting longer than most heavy duty shed felts, expect to see it retailing cheaper too! A real bargain in our books!

We stock a couple of different brands of super shed felt. Available in 5m, 8m and 10m lengths.

Close up image showing the strong polyester fibres in Super Shed Felt
Close up images of two types of shed felt. The lower image shows the strong polyester fibres that run through Super Shed Felt

Other top tips from our roofing experts:

  • Shed Felt Adhesive used in conjuncture with clout nails will prolong the life of the roof.
  • Using too many nails can cause as many problems as using too few.
  • In colder months where roofing felt becomes harder to work, store the felt indoors 24 hours before installing. Do not use in temperatures below 5°c.
  • Felting a shed roof – a simple guide for great results.

Shed Felt

Shed Felt

Shed Felt is used on most garden buildings across the UK, this is the one you are most likely to encounter in  D.I.Y. stores and garden centres. This article will give you a brief shed felt comparison. So when you’re picking your materials, you’ll know what to look for.

Good quality shed felt is made from a compressed cloth-fibre base, which is then covered with modified bitumen. During manufacture, the felt is coated on one side with a coloured mineral finish.

The fibre-base provides the strength, flexibility and tear resistance of the roofing felt, whilst the bitumen provides the waterproofing. The mineral finish prevents the bitumen from melting in the heat of the sun – and is coloured to create a pleasing finish.

types of shed felt
From the left: 10m rolls of Heavy Duty, Premium and Value Shed Felt

From the left: 10 m rolls of Heavy Duty, Premium and Value Shed Felt. Cheapest is not always best!

Shed Felt Comparison

Most standard / premium shed felt is designed with a life expectancy of 5 years in mind. As with all building supplies, there are different grades available – buyer beware!

Quality and life expectancy change in relation to the quality, type of fibre and the weight of materials used in manufacture. Cheap shed felts and Value brands (and those imported from outside of the UK) generally use lower quality raw materials in order to save costs.

Often the cloth fibre found in premium brands is replaced with matted card fibre. Experts say that this reduces the tear resistance and makes the felt harder to bend around the edges of the shed without the shed felt cracking.

To save costs further, less materials are used. Cheap shed felt may weigh much less than a standard 18 kg roll. Expect lighter, value or cheap shed felt to last considerably less than standard or premium grades.

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Heavy Duty Shed Felt

Heavy Duty Shed Felt

Heavy Duty Shed Felt is a bitumen fibre felt, but one that is typically manufactured with twice the amount of materials to that of a standard shed felt.

Apart from being twice as thick as normal felt, the other noticeable difference is that the green mineral finish is made with coarser grains (2-4 mm).

Heavy Duty roofing felts are not specifically designed for sheds. They were originally designed as the tough top sheet on a two layer flat roof system, but are used where a longer life expectancy is sought.

heavy duty shed felt
The green mineral finish on heavy duty roofing felt is larger than that used on shed felt.

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Different companies use different names to bring their product to market. Expect to see it called Garage Felt or even Trade Top Sheet. A good heavy duty felt will weigh around 35-38 kg and have a life expectancy of 10 years (twice that of a premium shed felt). Not surprisingly, expect to pay double the price!

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