Heavy Duty Shed Felt

Heavy Duty Shed Felt

Heavy Duty Shed Felt is a bitumen fibre felt, but one that is typically manufactured with twice the amount of materials to that of a standard shed felt.

Apart from being twice as thick as normal felt, the other noticeable difference is that the green mineral finish is made with coarser grains (2-4 mm).

Heavy Duty roofing felts are not specifically designed for sheds. They were originally designed as the tough top sheet on a two layer flat roof system, but are used where a longer life expectancy is sought.

heavy duty shed felt
The green mineral finish on heavy duty roofing felt is larger than that used on shed felt.

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Different companies use different names to bring their product to market. Expect to see it called Garage Felt or even Trade Top Sheet. A good heavy duty felt will weigh around 35-38 kg and have a life expectancy of 10 years (twice that of a premium shed felt). Not surprisingly, expect to pay double the price!

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