Low Pitch Roof Solutions – The Permavent Easy Slate

Low Pitch Roof Solutions – The Permavent Easy Slate System: Ashbrook Roofing

Are you looking to add additional space in your house but need to add a single-storey extension?

If you are planning on extending the kitchen or adding a new room leading into the garden, we wanted to highlight a potential issue that you may face when deciding what to use on the roof.

Due to the windows on the first floor of the main building, the roof of your extension will have a shallow pitch. If you are hoping to match the roof of your extension to the main building then you may be disappointed to find that this is not always possible.

A natural roofing slate will, in most cases need to be installed on a roof pitch of at least 20 degrees and above (dependent upon the size and headlap used). If you use them on a shallower pitch the likelihood is that water ingress will occur through a process called ‘Slate capillarity’. Which basically means, water can get under the slates, not a situation you want.

What you will tend to find on a lot of single-storey extensions is the use of a large-format concrete tile, and these are used extensively on low pitched roofs. The Marley Modern tile, for example, can be installed on a roof pitch as low as 17.5 degrees. The use of large-format concrete tiles is fine if that’s what is on the main roof or if you are happy to have a different type of roof covering but what if you want to use a natural slate.

Easy Slate Is Perfect For A Low Pitched Roof

The Permavent Easy Slate offers a solution which will allow you to use the same natural slates that are on the main building without the risk of water ingress. Each Easyslate is installed under the edge of the natural slate and acts as a barrier, preventing water from entering the underside of the slate and therefore removing the risk of water ingress.
Low Pitch Roof - Permavent Easy Slate

The Easyslate system can be used for roof pitches as low as 12 degrees and the product has been rigorously tested by the BRE (Building Research Establishment) it has also been approved by the LABC (Local Authority Building Control) and the NHBC (National House Building Council)
For additional peace of mind, Permavent offers a 40-year warranty when used with:

  • Easy Roof System Products
  • Permavent Dry Breathable Membrane
  • Permalap (single-sided membrane tape)

Permavent Easy Slate system

There are two sizes available (600 and 500mm) and each strip can be trimmed to size if being used on a smaller slate. You can buy a full box of 100 or smaller quantities in packs of 20 if required. Take advantage of our ‘Express’ delivery service if you need these quickly or we can offer Free delivery based on 2-3 working days.

The Easy Slate is suitable for a wide range of situations not just extensions and is well known within the roofing and building trade for offering a fast, cost-effective solution to a low pitch natural slate roof.

Getting Some Help With A Low Pitch Roof

As contractors as well as suppliers, Ashbrook Roofing have first-hand knowledge of this product and we can say with confidence that it provides an excellent option for any potential low pitch roof problems.

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