Haus Profi

For more than 20 years Haus Profi have been developing practical alternatives to traditional lead flashing. The product range has progressively grown to include effective, easy to apply solutions for almost every application where traditional lead flashing has been used in the past. Their flashing products can be used for all types of roofing junctions and abutments, including chimneys, sidewall and step flashing.

One of the big advantages of lead free products is their zero scrap value. The main component in their flashing tape is a rubber-like compound called Polyisobutylene, or “PIB” for short. This is virtually worthless to thieves, making it much less likely that your property will be targeted for theft.

Ashbrook Roofing are delighted to be a UK stockist of "Wakaflex" and “EasyFlash” lead flashing alternatives, in a wide range of useful sizes and colours. Haus Profi innovative, easily moulded flashing tapes feature an inbuilt, self-adhesive backing for amazingly quick fitting.

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