Knauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation are a respected, family run business specialising in plasterboard and building insulation materials. Here at Ashbrook Roofing we stock their environmentally friendly, Knauf Earthwool loft insulation.

Knauf took its name from the family that founded the company in Germany in 1932. Even today the business is family-run by Baldwin and Nicholas Knauf, sons of the company’s founding brothers. Now the company is an international trading group with a broad portfolio of business interests.

The company is well represented in the UK, with facilities in Kent and Lincolnshire. Since 1988 Knauf have invested around £100 million in their UK operation. To maintain their position as one of the leading suppliers of gypsum-based building materials, Knauf keep a close eye on technical developments in the construction industry.

Knauf’s impressive range of ‘Earthwool’ loft insulation is highly recommended as a cleaner, more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional glass wool. E-mail our Ashbrook Roofing loft insulation advisors at for more information.

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