Woodroll joints are a prominent and attractive detail on the lead roofs of classic public buildings, clock towers and decorative domes. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, these lead joints also serve a practical purpose. The joints are carefully constructed around a central wood roll. The joint overlap allows the sheet lead cladding to expand and contract as the weather changes. This prevents the lead from distorting, buckling and eventually becoming prone to leaks.

Unlike traditional, artisan crafted woodrolls, our modern equivalents are precision machined. The traditional, arched shape is retained, but the timber is treated with a preservative to make it water resistant. Powerful fungicide and insecticide is also added during manufacture to ensure that the woodroll resists the ravages of rot and woodworm, long after installation.

If you’re involved in the refurbishment and restoration of classic, sheet lead roofing you may also be interested in our premium quality lead underlay. To cover that we also stock wide range of milled lead flashing, along with a quality patination oil for a gleaming finish.

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