Deep Flow Gutter Brackets

Our deep flow gutter brackets feature a steel cup which has been specially shaped to match the elliptical profile of deep flow guttering.

Deep flow guttering improves on the design of the familiar, half round alternative by providing a deeper, slightly narrowed channel for rainwater run-off. As well as being capable of handling a higher volume of water, the faster flow helps to wash out accumulated dirt and debris. Along with improved efficiency, deep flow guttering also has a sleek, modern look.

Manufactured to the BS EN 1462 standard, our deep flow gutter brackets are forged from thick steel plate and given a rust resistant, zinc plated finish. The steel cup is securely welded to a threaded mounting bolt. The cup and mounting bolt assembly is fixed to the flat, steel drive spike during installation. The adjustable, nut and bolt locking mechanism is familiar to all roofing professionals. This allows the fall angle of the guttering to be adjusted after installation.

Choose our high strength, deep flow gutter brackets to provide excellent support for your deep flow guttering – even when loaded with winter ice and snow!

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