Drive In Spikes

Drive in spikes have been used to support guttering for many centuries. Traditionally, these simple fixings would have been produced by a local blacksmith or forge. These rustic, nail-like spikes were originally used to support early, wooden guttering.

After the industrial revolution in the late 18th century, drive in spikes began to be mass produced. Cast iron guttering was increasingly popular, and drive spikes were often installed in period property walls for various types of gutter support.

As above ground drainage became more sophisticated, rise and fall brackets appeared. These allowed precise control of the guttering height – making it easier to lift or lower a length of guttering to direct rainwater flow towards a downpipe. Drive in spikes provide a highly stable, load-bearing support for rise and fall gutter brackets.

Here at Ashbrook Roofing Supplies we stock a wide range of drive in spikes: from hand forged ‘Heritage’ spikes, suitable for authentic restoration, to our galvanised ‘Premium’ and ‘Heavy Duty’ spikes. Each spike is supplied pre-drilled, ready for your bolt-on, rise and fall bracket.

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