Ogee Gutter Brackets

Ogee profiled guttering was original produced in cast iron in the nineteenth century. With its long life span, this type of guttering is still found on many Victorian terraced properties and individual period buildings in the UK. These days, we often supply ogee gutter brackets for repair or refurbishment projects, though this attractive, ornamental guttering is occasionally specified on new buildings.

With a six foot length of cast iron, 4.5 inch Ogee guttering weighing around 25 pounds (11.5kg), this type of guttering needs a very substantial bracket. Here at Ashbrook Roofing supplies we stock a wide range of strong, galvanised steel Ogee gutter brackets, with a number of fixing options.

Our Ogee gutter bracket range includes the popular ‘rise and fall’ type of bracket. This allows easy adjustment of the fall gradient during or after installation. These brackets are bolted to a sturdy, steel drive spike, hammered into the wall beneath the eaves. Other fixing options include simple, top and side rafter fixing brackets.

While all of our Ogee brackets are designed to handle the weight of the iron, they are also designed to cope with the additional load of winter ice and snow. For the highest level of support and stability we also offer a range of heavy duty Ogee brackets. These items are manufactured from thicker steel and have an even higher load-bearing capacity.

Using our practical experience in the roofing trade we have selected a wide range of top quality, BS certified brackets for Ogee profiled guttering. As well as offering options for traditional cast iron Ogee guttering, our range also includes special brackets for Ogee profiled UPVC guttering.

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