Square Gutter Brackets

To provide robust, adjustable support for square profile, UPVC guttering we stock standard and ‘heavy duty’ 112mm (4.5 inch), rise and fall square gutter brackets. Both brackets are manufactured from quality steel, with a rust-resistant, galvanised finish. The heavy duty bracket is forged from thicker steel – this increases its capacity to handle winter ice and snow loads.

Square profile guttering has become a popular option on many modern properties. Visually, the neat, angular appearance of this guttering profile gives a property a stylish, contemporary look. In terms of performance, square guttering is capable of handling a higher flow of rainwater run-off from the roof.

Square rise and fall gutter brackets are fitted to a pointed, steel drive spike. The spike is driven into the brickwork where it forms a high-strength platform for the bracket. Two nuts on the bracket mounting bolt allow the height to be adjusted at the time of installation or any time after. This arrangement gives precise control of the fall angle when setting up the system.

We only supply fittings that are up to the job – our Square Gutter Brackets provide durable, adjustable support with a long life expectancy. Our BS certified brackets are designed to support square profile, UPVC guttering through the worst winter weather.

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