Top Rafter Brackets

These simple, high strength top rafter brackets are typically used to support heavy, cast iron guttering. Occasionally, they may also be useful for supporting UPVC guttering in locations with frequent high winds, heavy rain or winter snowfall.

This type of bracket has a long history; the design probably evolved from the simple ‘spike’ brackets that were used to support early, wooden guttering. A simple bar of steel is worked to form cup and arm sections. The arm is drilled with fixing holes for screws, and the cup is shaped to match the gutter profile. Modern top rafter brackets are thickly galvanised to form a durable, rust-resistant, surface finish.

Top rafter brackets must be installed on the rafter feet before tiling. Fitting is simple and straightforward, using a string line for alignment, and non-corroding screws to mount the bracket arm on top of a rafter.

As part of our commitment to exceptional customer service we stock half round top rafter brackets in a wide range of sizes, from 4 inch (100mm), right up to 6 inch (150mm). Ogee profile brackets are available for next-day delivery, in the popular, 4.5 inch (112mm) and 5 inch (125mm) sizes.

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