Wooden Gutter Brackets

For authentic refurbishment of heritage wooden guttering we’ve found a skilled manufacturer of wooden gutter brackets. These robust, forged steel fixings are hand-made using age-old blacksmithing techniques.

If you are taking the trouble to restore or maintain wooden guttering, our traditionally styled, gutter support brackets are ideal for preserving the authentic appearance of a heritage property. The strength of these wooden gutter brackets comes from the thick steel used to form the spikes. For even greater support an option is available with a robust stay welded to the underside of the spike.

To match the traditional construction techniques used to install supported wooden guttering, these brackets rely mainly on gravity to hold the gutters in place. For a little extra security, each of our gutter brackets is forged with retaining lug to prevent the timber guttering from slipping off the spike.

Feel free to use our contact page for friendly advice about repair or restoration of traditional, wooden guttering.

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