IKO Easyseal Self Adhesive Roofing Felt Complete Roof Kit: 3 Layer System

IKO Easyseal Self Adhesive Roofing Felt Complete Roof Kit: 3 Layer System

IKO Easyseal Self Adhesive Roofing Felt Complete Roof Kit: 3 Layer System. This flat roofing system is an easy to lay roofing system that comes in three parts.

This IKO Easyseal system is ideal for projects big and small such as garages or outhouse to large flat roofed buildings. There is no need to apply with hot torches or hot bitumen, as each layer has a self adhesive backing to it making it suitable for professional and DIYer alike .

The IKO Self Adhesive Primer is a special rubber-modified bitumen primer that is used to prepare and seal surfaces ready for self-adhesive surfaces and waterproofing roof systems.

The IKO Vapour Control Layer is used to protect the insulation where high there are areas of water vapour build up within the dwelling, such as from bathrooms or kitchens. It is applied before the layers of insulation. The underside is protected with a plastic film that is removed prior to application.

The IKO Easyseal Underlay is made of an inert glass fibre base with a specially modified bitumen. The upper layer of the underlay has a polyethylene film and a removable protective backing sheet to protect it prior to application.

The IKO Easyseal Top Sheet has a high performance polyester base with specially modified bitumen, coated with an attractive slate green mineral finish.  The underside has a protective film coating on the base that is removed prior to application. The Cap Sheet has a 75mm selvedge for ease of lap jointing.

Features and benefits:

  • Ideal for garages, porches and dormer windows.
  • No need for hot torches, hot bitumen or messy liquids.
  • Simple installation - no need for special tools.
  • Clean and easy to handle.
  • Tough and durable.
  • When installed correctly can last over 20 years.
  • Complete kit - everything you need to do a flat roof surface.
  • Brand: IKO.


  1.  Work out the m² of the flat roof by multiplying the width and the length of the area that needs covering, (w x l) and add an additional 10% on top to allow for over laps and sides.
  2. Measure the perimeter of the building in metres and multiply by 0.3 for the sides and edge detail.
  3. These numbers added together is the size of the pack needed.

Each of these kits contains enough of each product to complete a project of that size.

Below is a handy chart of what you will receive with each kit:



8m x 1m

Vapour Control

15m x 1m

Top Sheet

6m x 1m

Self Adhesive

Primer: 5ltr

5m2 1 1 1 1
10m2 2 1 2 1
15m2 2 1 3 1
20m2 3 2 4 1
25m2 4 2 5 2
30m2 4 2 6 2

Buyers notes:
An IKO Easyseal Self Adhesive Roofing Felt Datasheet can be found in the downloads tab. There is also a 2 layer system complete roof kit available, alternatively all of the products can be bought separately.

(Size: 96 KB)
A product download providing installation instructions on the EasySeal Self Adhesive Roof Felt system available from IKO.

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