Slate Vents

Our carefully selected slate vents are fitted on the roof in the space usually occupied by a single slate. With the colour and appearance of natural slate, this type of vent is barely visible from ground level. Like all roof vents, slate vents allow the free circulation of air in the roof space. Free flowing air above your loft insulation is vital for the long-term health of the building. Simple, inexpensive ventilation prevents roof space condensation, damp spots and the eventual decay of your roof timbers.

Slate vents usually have a subtle, low-profile grille on the upper surface. The grille allows air to circulate freely, while keeping birds, wasps and leaves out of the building. Slate vents are particularly slim and inconspicuous. Out of the box, the vents have an outlet on the reverse allowing airflow through the roof space. This type of ventilator is also easy to convert for extract or soil stack ventilation.

These vents can be fitted on a new build, or swapped with existing tiles on a roof refurbishment. We have selected some of the best vents on the market, in a range of colours closely matched to natural slate. Click on a product to check-out our low prices, or contact our in-house ventilation experts for advice on our wide range of roofing supplies products.

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  1. Manthorpe Alpha Slate Vent (GRSV30/25)
    Manthorpe Alpha Slate Vent (GRSV30/25)
    £13.50 Inc. VAT
  2. Manthorpe Extra Large Slate Vent (GRSV45)
    Manthorpe Extra Large Slate Vent (GRSV45)
    £17.50 Inc. VAT
  3. Manthorpe In-Line Slate Vent (GILSV30-25)
    Manthorpe In-Line Slate Vent (GILSV30-25)
    £28.00 Inc. VAT
  4. Klober Mini Uni Line Slate Vent
    Klober Mini Uni Line Slate Vent
    £29.50 Inc. VAT
  5. Klober Uni Line Slate Vent
    Klober Uni Line Slate Vent
    £37.50 Inc. VAT

5 Items

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