EasyFlash is an easy to use lightweight alternative to lead flashing. Supplied as a self-adhesive roll, it can be cut to the correct length and moulded to match the buildings contours once applied. Can be applied without the need for special tools it’s an ideal solution for sealing chimneys and abutments between walls and roof tiles. It comes in an anthracite colour which closely resembles lead.

For advice on which product to choose contact us direct on 01629 828500 about our range of lead free flashing. 

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  1. EasyFlash: 200mm x 5m
    EasyFlash: 200mm x 5m
    £38.50 Inc. VAT
  2. EasyFlash: 250mm x 5m
    EasyFlash: 250mm x 5m
    £42.00 Inc. VAT
  3. EasyFlash: 300mm x 5m
    EasyFlash: 300mm x 5m
    £47.00 Inc. VAT
  4. EasyFlash: 450mm x 5m
    EasyFlash: 450mm x 5m
    £71.20 Inc. VAT
  5. EasyFlash: 600mm x 5m
    EasyFlash: 600mm x 5m
    £92.80 Inc. VAT

5 Items

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