Clay Ridge Tiles

Modern Clay Ridge Tiles are available in an amazing range of styles and subtle colours. Now a wide variety of new forms are available, all evolved from the familiar, half-round and angled ridge tiles that we see in common use.

Fired clay has been used as a roof covering since the dawn of civilisation. The malleable nature of clay in its raw state makes it perfect for moulding into uniform flat , or ornamentally profiled tiles. Modern manufacturing techniques have vastly improved the quality and conformity of clay roof and ridge tiles. Manufacturing quality is effectively controlled in the UK by Standards like BS EN 1304, the European Standard for clay roofing tiles.

The rich colouring of clay tiles is a major attraction for designers, architects and their clients. Along with good quality slate, clay is seen as a premium roofing material. One of the main benefits of clay ridges is the broad range of colours available. New manufacturing techniques ensure that clay ridge tiles aren’t prone to fading over time.

The other big selling point for clay is the durability of the material. Buyers opting for clay ridges fitted with either dry-fix solutions, or the latest combined mortar and mechanical fixing techniques, can expect an incredibly long service life from the installation.

For examples of clay ridge tiles in amazing styles and rich, long-lasting colours see our catalogue selections from Marley and Dreadnought above.

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