Plastic Ridge Tiles

Plastic ridge tiles and interlocking plastic roof tiles are a relatively new innovation. These synthetic tiles have the authentic colouring and texture of natural slates. The secret of the slate-like surface and camber is in the manufacturing process: the moulds used to shape the raw materials are actually taken from natural slates.

The term ‘plastic’ isn’t quite correct, as the tiles are often manufactured from a combination of recycled materials. These materials typically include rubber tyres and re-engineered plastics, bonded with some mineral content. The re-use of unwanted materials has important environmental benefits.

While their low cost may be the main motivation for choosing plastic ridge tiles, there are many other benefits. Typically, these synthetic tiles are 50% lighter than their clay or concrete equivalents. This makes them easier to handle and quicker to fix. This type of ridge tile also has inbuilt flexibility which reduces breakage and allows them to be used on roof pitches from 14 to 30+ degrees.

We’ve chosen to stock only top quality plastic ridge tiles from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, including Manthorpe, Tapco and IKO.

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