Premium Lead Expansion Joint: 3m x 260mm

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Premium Lead Expansion Joint: 3m x 260mm

Weld sections of this 3m x 260mm, Premium Lead Expansion Joint between lengths of box, parapet or eaves gutters to prevent buckling and distortion due to expansion. Featuring a flexible, neoprene connector, these joints are used in situations where traditional steps and drips are not a practical option.

The expansion joint is formed from a central band of vulcanised neoprene, firmly bonded to side wings of Code 5 lead sheet. Individual joints are cut to the required size from the supplied, 3m x 260mm roll.

Lead expansion joints are usually fitted at 2-metre centres. A spacing of 1 meter is recommended either side of outlets and corners. The guttering is overlaid on the expansion joint to provide a minimum of 25mm cover either side. After taking care to protect the central neoprene section from damage, the expansion joint wings are lap welded to the guttering. Application of a good patination oil is recommended to prevent early oxidation. Again, it is important to ensure that the oil doesn’t make contact with the neoprene.

This durable, watertight jointing solution carries a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Premium Lead Expansion Joints have a minimum life expectancy of 20 years if installed in compliance with the Lead Sheet Association (LSA) guidelines. These joints offer a practical alternative to reworking existing architectural details.

Features & benefits:

  •     Ideal for jointing lead-lined gutters on buildings with restricted falls.
  •     Can be used on stone cornices, box, eaves or wall head gutters.
  •     An economic alternative to substrate alterations.
  •     Comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, and a life expectancy of 20+ years.
  •     Manufacture: A watertight, flexible neoprene strip, vulcanised and bonded to Code 5 lead wings.
  •     Product Code: N/A.
  •     Brand: Premium Roofing Products Ltd.
  •     Length: 3m x 260m roll.
  •     Colour: Black central strip with natural lead wings.
  •     Weight: TBA.
  •     Standard: Lead wings comply with BS EN 12588, Code 5.
  •     Fully recyclable.

Buyers notes:
Premium lead expansion joints are recommended by the LSA (Lead Sheet Association) for the refurbishment of lead-lined parapet or eaves gutters where the installation of drip joints is uneconomic or impractical.

We also stock a full range of milled sheet lead and lead working tools, along with a quality patination oil for finishing.

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