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Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy and cookie policy

Our policy is to ensure that we:
  • Are totally transparent about the information we gather during your visit to our website.
  • Explain how we (and our chosen partners) use the information.
  • Protect your information in the same way that we think you would want to protect it yourself.
  • Provide you with the ability to opt out if you so desire.
On this page:
  • Our promise
  • Data protection
  • Data collection
  • Cookies
    • Our use of cookies
    • Our partners
    • Disabling cookies
  • Legal obligations
  • Security policy
Our promise:
We give you our word that at no time will Ashbrook Roofing sell your information to others. We will only share your information with others in the instances clarified below. In addition, we promise not to use your personal information ourselves to pester you with news, adverts or details of special offers about Ashbrook Roofing.

Data protection
Ashbrook Roofing Supplies protects your private data by hosting our website on secure servers. We are compliant with all current data protection and consumer rights laws.
Data collection
When you browse or purchase from our website, general information about your IP address, operating system and web browser are collected by us and our chosen partners (see below). This information is used by us to help prevent fraud (e.g. through malicious use of 'Pay per Click' advertising campaigns, or attempted theft or misuse of credit cards). It is also used to help us improve user experience and functionality of our website.

When you purchase items from us we ask you to provide your name, email, home and delivery address. This information is purely used by us to communicate with you about your order and to enable our hauliers to make your delivery to the correct address.

We have created the opportunity for you to set up your own account on our website. This provides you with an opportunity to store different delivery addresses, view your order status, view and print historical orders and to use the Quick quote order function (no banking, credit or debit card information is ever stored in this facility). Any information that you enter is for your own use, is protected by your own password and is not accessible by, or shared with others.
At the latter part of the order confirmation process, we ask you to enter your credit or debit card details into our secure and encrypted payment system (hosted by Sagepay). Just like in a real brick and mortar shop the information is transmitted directly to the payment provider (all we see is the merchant receipt and confirmation that payment has been authorised).

We have a newsletter which contains details of current offers and promotions. You can change your mind and opt out of this newsletter at any time.
Clear links are provided to third parties websites including Facebook and Twitter. Whilst we cannot be held responsible for the content of these third parties sites, we recommend that you review their websites terms & conditions/privacy policy on entry.
Cookies are tiny bits of encrypted data that are loaded onto your computer as you browse a website. Cookies are not programmes and do not harm your computer (they act as a tag or reminder when they are seen by websites).
Cookies are often used by websites to help improve or personalise user experience (e.g. such as remembering an item that a customer has viewed during a previous visit to their website). Many companies also use cookies to trigger adverts as you surf the net (e.g. someone entering a search term for "Fishing Tackle" into Google may later see adverts for "Fishing Rods" in another website that they visit). This is commonly known as remarketing.
Our Use of Cookies
Ashbrook Roofing uses cookies to improve the way we present information to you. First of all, if you are a returning customer we want to help you quickly revisit items that you have previously viewed (we’re guessing that if you are returning to our website it’s because you liked something that you saw). There’s a clever widget on our website that remembers anything that you placed in your shopping basket (but didn’t buy). There’s also a handy scrolling panel at the bottom of the website that remembers items that you have previously clicked on.

Ashbrook Roofing uses carefully selected partners to help us provide the services offered by our website. Each of our partners adheres to the UK’s strict Data Protection and consumer protection laws. We think it important that you understand who these partners are, and how they use information gathered during your visit:
Our partners
Sagepay and PayPal facilitate our secure one-page checkout process. Both use the general information and the data you key during the checkout process to manage the payment process and to protect you against the fraudulent use of your credit/debit card. They also verify the information you supply with worldwide credit agencies. More information on Sagepay and PayPal’s use of your information can be found by clicking on the Privacy link of their websites. operates our social services toolbar providing you with instant access to Twitter and Facebook. use remarketing cookies to provide you with relevant and targeted adverts as you surf the net. Full details of their privacy policy and the cookies they use can be found by clicking on the Privacy (end users) link of their website.
Google Analytics is used by Ashbrook Roofing to help us create an improved website experience. Google Analytics consolidates general information about all visits through our website. We then use this data to help us to improve the accessibility and functionality, as well as the type of products that we feature on our website. A copy of their Privacy and Terms can be found by visiting their website and clicking on their Privacy and Terms link.
Disabling Cookies
You can control how cookies are stored on your computer or even stop them being loaded in the first place by amending the settings of your website browser. Browsers differ in how settings can be changed. For information on how to do this with your own, we suggest that you either search your browsers help section, or do a quick search on Google (our current favourite resource is
You are more than welcome to use our website without cookies being recorded on your computer (or you may wish to delete cookies after you visited our site). This will mean that some of the clever widgets on our system (like the basket memory) won’t work properly, but everything else will be just fine.

It is worth remembering that if you choose to disable cookies on your computer it may impact on how some websites work when you visit them.
All of our partners are members of associations that have signed up to strong self-regulated codes of conduct. Within their codes of conduct is the option to sign out of targeted adverts run by their members. Links to these organisations and instructions on how to opt out of targeted adverts follow:
Legal obligations
In the event of theft, fraudulent or illegal activity we will share (or be required to share) your information with police, credit or governmental enforcement agencies.

If you have any questions or concerns about Ashbrook Roofing Supplies Ltd privacy/data protection policy, please give our customer service team a call on 01629 828500, or email us at
Security policy
Ashbrook Roofing uses a secure third party payment gateway hosted by Paypal and Sagepay to process our website credit and debit transactions. Card data and security details that you enter on screen are transmitted directly onto Paypal/Sagepay secure server and are not visible to Ashbrook Roofing.

Any other data you enter onto our website (such as your name, address and phone number) is stored on our own secure server. We fully comply with all UK data protection legislation.
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