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Roof Shingles Calculator:
Whether you are installing a new roof or renovating an old one, quality Roof Shingles will help you achieve a professional finish. Available in a choice of colours, sizes and styles to complement both traditional and modern properties, roofing shingles are an affordable alternative to roof tiles. As with any roofing job, you need to determine exactly how many you need before getting started.

One of the easiest ways to calculate the number of felt, bitumen or asphalt roof shingles you need is by using the Ashbrook Roofing Roof Shingles Calculator. Specifically designed to help you determine exactly what materials are required to complete your roofing project, it calculates how many shingles and nails to order. It even calculates how much underlay, ridge roll (if using) and adhesive is required for a super professional finish.

Before using the Ashbrook Roofing Roof Shingles Calculator, you need to take just two simple measurements. You will also need to know how many sides your roof has.

Calculating the Length of Your Ridge:
To order the correct amount of roof shingles for your roofing project, you need to determine the length of the buildings ridge. The roof ridge is the highest horizontal part of the roof, which is represented by a horizontal line where the two sloped areas of the roof meet. For an accurate figure, measure the length of ridge using a standard tape measure and write down the exact length in meters.

Calculating the Depth of Your Roof Rafters:

Measuring the depth of roof rafters is another calculation that you make on the outside of the roof using a tape measure. Simply measure from the centreline of your ridge to the very end of your rafters (the sloping part of the roof), including any overhang to get the depth in metres.

Choosing Roof Shingle Colour, Shape and Brand:
Now you have your roof measurement in place, you can start choosing shingle colour, shape, and your preferred manufacturer from the drop-down list. The colour and shape you choose will have a huge impact on the finished look of your property. It is a good idea to try and coordinate them with other elements of the building such as the brickwork, any wooden features, and the surrounding landscape.

On larger projects the experts recommend using a thicker/higher performance shingle. Supatuff Roof Shingles or IKO Shingles are ideal. Once you have entered your preferred shingle colour, shape, type, and ridge roll (if using), simply click the ‘calculate now’ button to see exactly what you need to transform your roof. With the Ashbrook Roof Shingle Calculator, it is really that easy!


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