Loft Roll Insulation

With easy handling and installation, loft roll insulation is still one of the most popular and effective ways to insulate a loft. Loft roll is normally laid in two layers. The first layer is placed between standard, 400 or 600mm centred joists. A second layer is laid at right angles, over the first layer. The current minimum depth of the combined layers of mineral wool loft roll is 270mm. To help you to achieve (or exceed) the minimum depth we supply loft roll insulation with a 100, 150 or 200mm thickness.

When choosing a loft roll insulation brand we were really impressed by Knauf. Knauf Earthwool loft roll insulation is manufactured in the UK using special energy reduction techniques. Knauf Earthwool is free from formaldehyde and uses 70% less energy in production compared to similar glass wool products.

With excellent performance figures, a long life expectancy and first-class environmental credentials, Knauf Earthwool is a great loft roll insulation product. 

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